VDC-603 Dose Calibrator

VDC-603 Dose Calibrator

If you are looking for the simplest and most economical dose calibrator, look no further: the VDC-603 read-out is the model for your needs. Like all Comecer VDC models, it operates as a high quality radioisotope calibrator in conjunction with the digital Veenstra-technology VIK-202 Ionisation Chamber. All VDC family read-out models, including this one, are interchangeable and upgradeable using the same ionisation chamber.

The VDC-603 offers a simple and intuitive user interface based on three keys. The unit’s small design and ease of use are focussed at the measurement and checking of radioactive isotopes, contained in both vials and syringes.

A one-line, backlighted display (in either Becquerel or Curie) presents a highly accurate and reliable read-out of the ionisation chamber. This is ideal for any laboratory or hospital environment where you just need to check the activity of one or two specific isotopes, without quality control or printing.

The VDC-603 can also be deployed as a low-cost backup or extra calibrator. It can be used, for example, for a specific purpose or isotope, like for instance PET (F-18). The complete VDC library offers a choice of more
than 55 isotopes and users can define and add an additional 3.

All Comecer Dose Calibrators include as standard components one well liner and one dipper, both designed and marked specifically for the VIK-202 Ionisation Chamber. The optional extra available components are:

  • Extra lead shielding (20/50 mm Pb )
  • Mo-99 breakthrough set
  • Copper dipper
  • Extra Well liner
  • Extra dipper
  • Check sources


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