VDC-606 Touch screen Dose Calibrator


This state-of-the-art touch screen dose calibrator combines the best of both worlds: it has the extended functionality of a software-based computer and the stability of a stand-alone unit.

Like all Comecer dose calibrators, each model is used in combination with a completely digital VIK-202 or VIK-203 ionization chamber.

The device has an ergonomic and intuitive touch-based design and is optimized to support the work flow of the user. Performing the daily quality control will only take a tap or two on the brilliant and crisp 10” screen.

Built-in functionality includes:

  • Mo-99 breakthrough test
  • Identity test
  • Daily/weekly/yearly tests
  • Containers/geometries
  • Syringe preparation.

VDC-606 has CE marking for medical devices and is FDA approved.

The heart of every Comecer dose calibrator is the ionization chamber: a completely digital detector that gives a fast and reliable reading.

The 100% digital output allows the detector to be flexibly integrated into other instruments or structures with no need for a converter or a separate reading unit.

The VIK-202 ionization chamber is pressurized at 14 bar (absolute) of Argon and its measurement field is up to 2 Ci of F-18; the VIK-203 ionization chamber is also available, pressurized at 1.4 bar (absolute) of Argon, for a measurement field of up to 20 Ci of F-18. VDC-606 can work simultaneously with two ionization chambers connected in parallel. The reading unit displays both measures simultaneously.

As Comecer produces its own ionization chambers in-house, we can meet specific requirements with special dimensions or measurements.

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